Meteorology (prologue)

Way back I studied meteorology for a few courses, and ever since then I’ve wanted to do something meteorology-related. For a start I wanted to just download some data and get it to show up. I was hoping I could recreate data snapshots from different points in time by just advecting data from a previous timestep. Data here is with 3h intervals. That doesn’t seem to work too well, I suppose there are too many confounding factors (surface geometry, sun’s energy, vertical advection etc). Or, *gasp*, I’m doing something wrong 🙂

Getting good data is a bit of an effort – lots of trawling through archaic-feeling websites..


Fun start anyway, I will probably revisit this some other day. This could be taken a lot further..


data volume snapshots (37M)


2 thoughts on “Meteorology (prologue)

    • Yeah, finding suitable data and converting it to something usable was a bit of an adventure. The meteorology data sites tend to be quite barebones, do not explain much, and expect a background in meteorology from the user.

      I’m sorry, I don’t remember the actual source for these any more :/


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