Multi-scale Turing Patterns

This really is an old (2011) project of mine – I just recently found the hip file, presumed to be lost. This was implemented according to this adaptation of McCabe‘s original pattern. It was built earlier with the aid of the ancient proto_install feedback SOP, but here modernized to use Solver SOP. I just solve a cubical pattern and cut out a pig-sized shape out of it, it would be a nice project for another evening to make the process more shape-aware.




Better Normal Blending

Houdini 16 comes with new operators for normal map manipulation. The Normal Combine COP blends the incoming normals by just taking the average, and that is far from an optimal way to blend two normals. Stephen Hill has a very good web page on normal blending, and I have used his Reoriented Normal Mapping with great success in the past. The idea is, that instead of blending the normals you rotate one normal according to the orientation of the other normal. The end result is a much more natural blend. Here is a hip file with an RNM replacement for Normal Combine COP, and it also has a blend amount slider.