Volumetric Photons?

Publishing negative results is important. I wanted to see if Photons would stick to volumes. They don’t. (Or maybe I missed something).


EDIT: As Tomas kindly pointed out below, this does not work with a uniform volume, it has to be a proper volume primitive. Much better:


fixed .hip


That Scattering Look

A refresher of the old technique of getting that scattering look with deep shadow maps and lower shadow density. Real scattering looks better but can get real slow, the above took 52sec on my home 4-core. Original cloud scene made for Redshift by Lorne.


Find shortest path

Find Shortest Path seems to be all the rage at the moment. And deservedly so, it’s a great tool for anyone’s toolbag.

Here we run voronoi shatter on a sphere and fuse points. We pick many points from the surface and one point from the interior, and find shortest paths from one to the other. Then it’s just an animated carve from the resulting curves and emitting particles from the carved points.