Shrink Wrap

Too easy, just add a negative normal direction force to a cloth solve.


(old .hip)



10 thoughts on “Shrink Wrap

  1. Sir, You are very very Awesome!!!
    Learn so much from You and I hope I will be able to give back to the community someday! Please keep on doing what You are doing and if You should ever come to Japan, Osaka for whatever reason, please let me buy You a beer😊
    Cheers and the Best Regards from Japan


  2. Awesome blog and great examples Eetu. Very helpful for someone like me who’s just staring to add Houdini to the mix. Thank you a whole bunch!
    Try as I might tho I can’t seem to get this to work for some reason. Recreated the whole setup and understand all the bits but the negated normal to force seems to have zero effect ? Activate gravity and all works as expected. Is it in the tweaking of the cloth settings perhaps ?

    Loved all your LW work btw πŸ˜‰

    Alan K.


  3. Hi, I think this effect looks awesome. I can’t duplicate it myself by reverse engineering from your file. When I open your file, I don’t get any movement when I press play in Houdini. When I open your file I get this error.

    skipping unrecognised parameter “thicknessenable”
    skipping unrecognized parameter “thicknesscolor”

    Using Houdini 16.5.387 (Window)
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi!

      I tried it, and I’m seeing the same problem. Feels as if the solver didn’t take external force attributes into account any more..
      (Or, I’m doing something silly)
      Hopefully I’ll have time to dive into the issue at some point.


  4. this is driving me crazy, negate normal and hook it to force, seems simple, but it’s not moving the cloth at all, did anyone figure out how it works?


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